Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Special Birthday Cake for a one year old girl….!

 Happy Birthday to a special Girl who turned one!


girls 051

A few weeks ago, this gorgeous girl had her First Birthday!

Her Mum, wanted to create a Birthday Cake which she saw on an old Woman’s weekly Magazine of her Mum’s. She started hunting for some miniatures which she can use to decorate her Birthday cake with. She wanted to create a scene of Dolls having a picnic and the cake being the table. 

She put a search on line and came along my store.  After going through the miniature section, she realized that she found the products she was looking for. Now these miniatures are usually for Doll House miniatures, but people forget that they can be used for all sort of craft projects, and look in this case Cake Decorating.

She skilfully decorated her sponge cake and made it look like it had a table cloth over it, then she placed some biscuits to pretend they were place-mats, on top of which she placed the miniatures she bought:

540047_b cutlery 350


540065_b miniature tea set 350


and she ended up with this creation

girls 029

Well that was not all…..she was after some vintage dolls look. I suggested to use the Fairy Finger puppets and sit them around the cake….!

finer puppets

So from a……..
  • a wish to create something she saw in an old magazine
  • search on line for some ideas and miniatures
  • discuss her project with me
Mrs C…..ended up with this amazing Birthday cake for her 1 year old princess. This lovely Birthday cake could make any girl’s imagination go to Fairyland.

girls 024       girls 029girls 035 girls 049

Thank you Mrs C for sharing this with us, I am sure there will be some thinking caps going on out there:)  Finally we both agreed that all the miniatures that she bought will come in handy when her little princess grows up and she can play with them as well. The Fairy finger puppets will be a great addition to their story telling, creating language skills an imagination.

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