Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Elmore Field Show is approaching…and you will see me there again

Have you heard of Elmore Show before?


Exhibiting at Elmore Field Show 2012 Romantic Flair Original

Every year in the first week in October, Elmore comes to live with the “Elmore Field Days.” It has been going on since 1964

It is always interesting to see when I arrive to set up on  Monday, how vast areas of grounds are transformed into an array of display of

  • field machinery
  • agriculture products
  • heavy trucks
  • Irrigation equipment
  • nurseries/landscaping
  • and more……
check out all the exhibitors over here

Well you say, this is not interesting for me this all farmers talk……no no , there is something for everyone.

You see the farmers come down and do their shopping and deals for their businesses and the wife's come and do their own shopping, so you see a General area was created where you will find an array or products from gift line like ours, to Beautiful Clothes, jewelery, hand crafted items, toys, entertainment for the kids…..and more.

You see it usually happens in the second week of the holidays, so it is well attended by families, a great day out for all. People travel from far and near to attend this show.

You will find us in the General Interest Display Area…and will look forward to catch up with some of you that I see year after year and some new faces as well. In the meantime feel free to browse our Store

So when does this happen?

Elmore Field Days – Tuesday 2nd October till Thursday the 4th October 2012


Elmore Events Centre & Elmore Field Days
48 Rosaia Road
Victoria 3558

I thought I write this post early so it will give you time to plan to come along. If you do not know where Elmore is, it is about 30 mins up from Bendigo.

Look forward to see you there Smileand feel free to share with your friends.

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