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Have you thought of what you are going to give your kid’s Teacher or maybe a special friend this Christmas?


Christmas gifts, can be worry for some, especially with people that you do not know that well.

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What would you give someone who you do not know very well?

Maybe you just want to say thank you or show your appreciation to someone, a special person who went out of their way to help you.

Maybe just to wish someone, your neighbor, colleague,your kids teachers, or anyone else who has been involved in their every day routine, maybe their carer, or teacher’s aid.




How many soaps, handkerchiefs, candles etc.….can one give!


Have you every thought of organizing a special gift with a special personalized message, or just a “Merry Christmas” message?

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These are some ideas for you:


Some requests that had from customers:
  • Placing a name on bauble.
  • Celebrating baby's birth by placing name & date of birth on bauble or Christening gift.
  • The year of this particular year 2011. people collect baubles for each year.
  • Grandmothers/Mothers start a family tree with a bauble for each member of family with name & year they are born.
  • Great gift idea for teachers or just to say thank you to someone.
  • A special friend. some people use them instead of a Christmas card by requesting a message on the ball.
  • In Memory of a beloved one being parents, siblings, loved ones or pets.
  • Great keepsake.
  • I leave it up to your imagination I am sure you come up with something special.
  • The Australian range are great for Australiana theme lovers & a great gift idea to send overseas or to take with you when you visit someone.
  • Great corporate gift!
  • You can also provide a digital photo attached to an email (being child, parents husband, wife, pets, something, someone, scene-- close to your heart), and I can create an image from that photo on to the bauble or pomander)
  • Finally you can also just have the image in the front and blank at the back.
  • You have a choice of 6 colours as a background or else you can them plain with just image and personal message.
  • Each bauble is made in fine china(ceramic).

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Check out all the different categories, and see the large range of designs that one has to choose from.


Angels, Cherubs Designs...Animals, Birds Designs...Australiana Designs...Baby Designs...Bear Designs...Christmas Scenes Designs...Funky Designs...Musical Instruments Designs...Nativity Designs...Personalized Custom Made Photo Baubles ...Reindeer Designs...Santa Designs...Snowman Designs...Vintage Designs...

Persaonalized-Xmas-Bear-Bau   Personalized-xmas-bauble-S1350

hollyberries hollyberries hollyberries

Vintage 13 Child 350    Personalized Christmas Emu bauble         

hollyberries hollyberries hollyberries

Personalized-Xmas-Bauble-B1    L1 BLUE      

hollyberries hollyberries hollyberries

I am sure every single person will be touched by your thought. These baubles can come all beautifully gift boxed. We can also ship straight to them if you wish. Wouldn’t it be nice for someone to open their gift, when it arrives with a special Christmas wish from you!

Which designs do you like best? Are you maybe traditional, or maybe you prefer the modern designs? I have also introduced this year some Vintage designs. What sort of design would you like to see?

hollyberries hollyberries hollyberries

2 more months till Christmas...!

Kym from Divine Funds have reviewed one of our products...see what she had to say....

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