Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Weddings, Christmas…keepsakes what is the connection together?


Christmas is a time where we like to celebrate happiness, share things, give each other gifts, spend more quality time together as a family or close friends. We tend to have more social gatherings, like Christmas get togethers being work, family or friends.

 For most of us at this time with the lead up to Christmas, it can be a special time, decorating your house with gorgeous Christmas Decorations. Maybe organizing a family time where you put up the Christmas Tree together.

I know for some, decorating the Christmas Tree together is very meaningful. You just don’t decorate it with meaningless decorations. You might have collected a Special Christmas Decoration each year which reminds you of that particular YEAR. You might have been given one as a gift by a special person in your life.

Well the last odd 15 years I have been creating Baubles for you all special people who have now become sort of my extended family, as every year you come back and order your special decorations for your tree, either from my own designs or your own images.

Personalized Wedding bauble with message

Amongst a few of the keepsakes, that I have created are Baby’s First Christmas Baubles, Memorial Baubles, Pets, Special events in your family for that year, which you have captured by taking a photo and had a bauble done with that image to create a memento.

Now imagine 10 years down the track from when you started organizing these Keepsakes Baubles. Every year decorating the Christmas tree will create a sense of passion, Family History adorning your tree.

Well one of the most popular Christmas Bauble keepsake, is a Wedding One. For most of us getting married is a very special moment in our life, and have it captured on a bauble to hang on your Christmas Tree is even more special. Some of you go through your Mum’s or grandma’s cupboards, in the hunt for old wedding photos of theirs, which you secretly scan and create a special keepsake for them, with a special message or the date of the big day on a Bauble.

I know a lot of people have come up with some gorgeous ideas…… I even had an order of late going to Afghanistan, from a wife who created a special bauble of a photo of them 2 and send it over to her husband who at the moment is in Afghanistan. I am sure he will treasure it, a special memento for him to treasure at Christmas away from the family.

What ideas do you have to create with these Special Christmas Baubles


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Divine Finds said...

Entry for Morena - How gorgeous, I have special baubles on my tree for my children, my nephews and my late mother and father, but did not even think to include one for my husband's and my special day. I like on the website - the educational toys are fantastic. Especially the pattern making beads

Liz B said...

What a lovely idea - it is nice to be reminded of that special day. I love personalised christmas decorations - they make the tree unique. We love fairies and puppet shows in our house, so I love the fairy string puppets! Gorgeous!

Jeannine Barrett said...

This bauble is such a wonderful idea, my stepson and his fiance are getting married next year, they would love this. Having recently lost my dog Ben, I particularly like the Personalised Gifts for Pets on your site.

Angie Boylan said...

What a lovely way to remember your special wedding day - great idea!

Shan Tawhi Rickus said...

Love the wedding baubles and also the christmas baubles!

Lynette Walker Glass said...

I needed two - one for each of my two beautiful baby girls first photo's :)

Jody Jamieson said...

i think these are just beautiful i lost my first husband to ms as he was struck down very baldy this would be great for myself and his family to put our wedding picture on and i love the Nesting Fairy Dolls so much ive just brought them i also have a mug i won of you and divine finds which i just adore your work is amazing and just beautiful

Marthese said...

Thank yo @facebook-1597530125:disqus , you can still order these:)

Marthese said...

Thank you @facebook-673457978:disqus and good luck in the draw:)

Kerryanne Bourke said...

This is simply stunning! I would love to be able to put a wedding pic of ours on one and one of each of our children on the day they were born <3 your work is sensational and I LOVE the barefoot mice! they would be perfect for any little boy or girl to love :)


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