Monday, August 20, 2012

We grief our loved in different ways, and I know for many a Memorial Keepsake seems to pull them along….

Memory, memorial…not like the real thing…but helps us to hang on to someone dear to us......


Personalized Christmas Bauble D8 350

If you are here, you must have gone through a great loss. I do feel your pain....maybe not as much as you do right now, but yes I have been there myself as well.

Long time ago, at one of my exhibits, I was asked if I would do a Memorial Keepsake Bauble, which at the time I did not offer one from my Christmas Selection. I pondered, and I realized what a thoughtful thing it was, to have your loved ones on the Christmas Tree as a memory. Since then I think I have filled a big gap, as there are not many available. I feel I have helped many along their journey of their grief.

I only realized recently, how common it is for someone to loose one of their loved ones, especially during pregnancy or loss of a child. I came to know that one in every four pregnancies results in a miscarriage. It is a loss that one finds it hard to comprehend and leaves an emptiness inside for a very long time.....

Memorial Bauble

Personally, I had a member of the family who was carrying quads and carried them for 7months straight, when she ended up miscarrying, and lost all of them ending up having to bury 4 kids. I also had another one who miscarried in their first pregnancy, it leaves people devastated. I created a memorial keepsake for them which they proudly treasure and place on the Christmas Tree each Christmas, after all they are still part of their family.

We also loose our loved ones, our elder, or even not so elderly.........You know sometimes, it doesn’t have to be someone that we grief for, but maybe we have moved into another suburb, country or even a house…and the change and the loss of that move can effect some people terribly. So maybe creating a keepsake of what that person is missing can bring a smile back to their faces.


Pets are a man's best friend, and when we loose them they also leave a big gap in our lives.

I have created a few different keepsakes, that might help you in your time of grief xxx  


Maybe you know someone that is going through this and organizing a small gift for them will help them through difficult times.

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