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Jodi founder of JOLI Natural Skin Care is one of the lovely people that I met through my journey!

 Jodi is the face behind “Joli Natural Skin Care”, and I have the pleasure to introduce her to you.  I came to know Jodi, initial she was a customer of mine , where later I had the opportunity to meet her in real life….

In one of our conversations, I asked her to tell us a bit about her, so I can share it with you, and so here we go…..One thing I know she is very passionate in what she does, and is very much in support to Australian Made.

About you:


I am Jodi founder of JOLI Natural Skin Care. I love all things beauty and looking after my body, skin, nails, face and hair and love sharing my knowledge with others via my blog and website.

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Your journey:


My journey began in 2005 after my son was born. We were experiencing a number of skin conditions and irritations and I began to research what was in mainstream products that was causing these reactions. I learned about propylene glycol, SLES, parabens and the other 1000+ chemicals used in modern day skin care and decided to create something different. Skin care that was clean, green and safe, as well as environmentally and animal friendly.

What would be 7 highlights in your life?


Well I have 3 sons so that is three highlights. Getting married was another highlight. I remember the jitters leading up to the wedding and then how relaxed and loving the event was. It all fell into place. Becoming an accredited foster care parent (though we’re not fostering any more) was another blessing. Being fortunate enough to have been in the right place at the right time when it came to starting up the natural skin care business is another highlight. Growing a herb garden is another highlight. It may seem like a simple thing yet it is so rewarding spending time in the garden, having the herbs grow so well, plucking fresh herbs to have in our meals.

What do you enjoy most in what you do?


What I enjoy most is having people contact me telling me they’ve not been able to use anything on their skin without a reaction, then they use JOLI and not only are they able to use the products without issue, their skin improves. Their happiness and joy with having something like this available to them is what I most enjoy.

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Who inspires?


Poppy King and Sue Ismiel (NADS) inspire me. They are both talented women who started off with the basics [i.e. nothing] and created successful empires. Anita Roddick, founder of Body Shop is also inspiring and seriously were I aspire to be one day. I don’t want world monopolisation or stores with products sitting on shelves because this defeats the purpose of remaining natural. However, to be a household name they way these ladies and their products are… that is my dream.

You can reach Jodi on her On Line Store Joli Natural

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Thank you for sharing this with us Jodi

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