Monday, September 17, 2012

Mudpuppy puzzles, magnetic design sets, flash cards have landed in store….

Have you heard of Mudpuppy?

Mudpuppy creates beautifully designed toys and gifts. We now have in store a selection of beautifully designed puzzles ranging from 12pc, 42pc. and 100pc. puzzles for all different age groups.

First Puzzle and extra-thick jigsaw 12 Piece Puzzles

Block Puzzles to form 6 pictures per set



Move on to 42 Piece puzzles



The hinged-lid tin containers and themes of Mudpuppy's Collectible Tin 100-piece jigsaw puzzles make them sure winners 


They make a great educational resource for:
  • families,
  • family day care
  • kinder
  • crèches
  • classrooms
  • playgroups
They also make awesome gifts for birthdays, special occasions and Christmas.

Earth-friendly and safe: The greyboard used to make Mudpuppy puzzles is from 90-100% recycled paper, and the colors are printed with nontoxic, soy-based ink. All puzzles are CE and ASTM tested to ensure safety.

Another Educational resources brought your way!

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