Sunday, September 9, 2012

Play tents for Kids have arrived in store with an array of designs

Kids Play Tents have arrived in store with different theme designs to choose from

"Cheekey Monkey"
As a child, have you sometimes wanted to have a little space or hideout to call your own . I remember myself, I used to go behind our corner coach at home, and enjoy that little space for myself for a period of time, either playing with some of my favourite toys or reading.
I think we all need time out from time to time. When I was sourcing out products this year, I came along this range,
which I thought this would be perfect. They are easy to put up and to fold down in no time. They come in a bag matching the same material of the tent, which makes it easy to store or take away with you when needed.
These Play Tents are awesome for play:
  • at  home
  • in a playgroup
  • creches
  • kindergartens
  • family day care
They can create a magical moment or a theme in no time.Children can go wild in their fantasy imagination, and create an illusion of play. Fantastic role play and lots of fun.

Measurements:170cm high 140cm wide at the base

Check out all our range here   Which one  is your favourite?


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