Friday, April 29, 2011

Dollhouses for Barbie, Bratz are landing in my store……I am so excited…..

NY Mansion doll house

Well well…I have been asked for quite awhile ..if my dollhouses that I stock are good for Barbie and Bratz doll houses…..I finally found some that are awesome…..!

Barbie and Bratz Doll lovers will be very happy with these Doll Houses…You have a choice of 2 Designs.
Doll house new york mansion       

New York Mansion

London Mansion Doll house opened               


              London Mansion

The london Mansion ...

They are lovely finished off in
colours of pinks, lilacs and blues

Doll houses come with 15 pieces of furniture. Windows and Shutters are fixed, and doors open. They are ideal for for Barbie and Bratz Dolls, but are also great for all sorts of dolls.
They are finished off with great illustrations on both the outside and inside.
Material is MDF……Paint used is non toxic.
Over 1.2 metres tall!
Supplied flat packed and complete with wheels.

Approx Measurements:
New York Mansion (85.09 x 32.39 x 120.02 cm)
London Mansion(84.76 x 34.93 x 127.00cm)

Stay tuned new shipment will be in store....end of August 2012

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