Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Encouraging awareness, counting games, colour recognition…….

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Holiday time ……What do we do with are kids….Sometimes we can offer them the world and they can still get bored..irritated etc.….
Memories from my childhood….We did not have many toys in our household…but we created things out of nothing…We also created play virtually out of boredom….
Some of the games we played…is counting games! We competed and recorded on a piece of paper…the following!

  1. If it was a rainy day, we used to stay in the Porch or behind a window and count how many cars go by in our street.
  2. Then we extended the game by choosing a colour and check out how many cars in a particular go by…
  3. You can do this if it is a fine day as well…perhaps you go into a park and count how many trees you go by…or how many different kind of flowers and then extend to the different colours of the flowers…..
  4. Or perhaps you are near the beach..and count how many boats or sailing boats go the meantime you can put the questions like what colour, what sort of boat etc…
This can be a lot of fun from a child point of view…especially if they are in a group….!
I wonder what other counting games you can come with while you are outdoors, or perhaps when it is raining or stuck in a place where they are seated for a long time like in a car, or a plane?

By the way I know it is the Easter Period …just an insight of how  we celebrate Easter where I come from….and what sort of Easter Biscuits we bake, and perhaps you would like to know where Easter Bunny came from……
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