Friday, April 1, 2011

March Wrap up and April fool’s Day is over as well…..

March is a big month for me hold lots of memories!

MB900391536MB900186567As a young couple a few years down the track…we were married here and this March we celebrated yet again another wedding anniversary……
We left the island about 30 years ago and landed in Australia on the
7th March. We just arrived before Moomba weekend…in fact that was our First outing.

I never forget how I felt as I boarded that plane…
I knew in my heart of heart that I would never return to live permanently
I felt that I have lost all my family all at one go, it was so hard to accept….
  • As we were  landing Melbourne Airport, looking through the window of the aircraft…I saw vast barren  of land and I said to myself  OMG…where do people live here…they must live so far away from each other…that scared me to death! I was not used to that amount of empty space around…I am used to multi buildings touching each other and the only space that we ever saw was the sea “The Mediterranean Sea”!
  • Like everything else..we got used to this lifestyle, and I was right that I will never go back to live on the island again. Our family has grown here and all settled here!  It is not because I do not want to …as we still have family over there…but at some stage in life one has to settle somewhere and I think our destiny was to stay here. 
So Australia we am brace you till death do us apart !MB900178234 Well that is all my own personal celebrations, which probably you are not really interested in hearing but I felt I had to share……
One thing I promised myself…that I had to make sure that our kids  experience  and know our backgrounds and  history as much as possible, which thankfully my wish was granted as we had the opportunity to go back many a times…..It is hard to explain to your kids that they have a grandparents or an aunt or uncle when they actual do not grow to know them. I feel family ties are very important when possible….now I better stop rambling about my history!
This month I am also so happy to have launched my new line of  Baby  and Children Birthday ‘s Personalized Plates. They make great  personalized gifts……


I have also introduced some new products in store, as well created new categories to make it easier, for you if you are after a quick gift and you have to spend a certain amount of money.
Well that was March in a nut shell…now let’s see what April brings along……Love to hear your side of the story!

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