Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dollhouses and Boys

Today, I have decided to bring up the subject  about  "Boys & Dollhouses"

I am not sure who will be reading this post...(as I always say... it always intrigues me who actually reads my blog posts), but I think it is always has been a big issue especially for men to accept that their son plays with a dollhouse.

How do you feel about this personally?

As a young child, I was the eldest in the family, with a sister as a second child...We did not have any boys toys around our house....and on the odd occasion that I went out with mum and looked at some of the shop windows.....many a times I would have asked her to buy me  a car.....and I remember quite clearly ...mum.. saying you do not play with cars?
  • How do you feel if your son asks to have a dollhouse as a gift.
  • How does your husband or you as a father feel. Does this annoy you?
  • Does it make you feel uncomfortable perhaps talking to your mates about this subject? 
  • Do you think less of your son if he shows  the desire to play with a dollhouse?
I think we all play house one way or another ...it is part of or life... the majority of us live in a house after all...so what is wrong  for a child...boys or girls to play "pretend role play" with a dollhouse.

Wooden Mini 2 Level Doll House

Wooden 3 Level Red Doll House-Play Centre

Through role play skills such as language, social and physical skills are developed. It also stimulates children's imagination.

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