Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Geraniums also known as Pelargoniums

I love flowers...gardens...really anything that has vibrant colours.....yes that is me

I find colour inspires me ... rejuvenate  me and somehow pumps me up and feel energized.

It is interesting though how it reflects in how I adapt colour in my own life. When choosing clothes most of the time I go for vibrant colours especially in summer...I am not one who wears black much. I feel it does nothing to me and I can get depressed very easily if I see a lot of black around me...infact I tell my family I do not want any black in my funeral..okay let us get away from this subject...I can tolerate black when I choose to wear it but I have to mix it with a bright colour or bright accessories.

When I design...I tend to use  bright colours when it comes to kids designs...but then I can be very traditional when decorating my house having said that..I still use a variety of colours.

When it comes to  my garden...I love reds, yellow, purple and white. Red is so powerful in the somehow lightens up and spreads a glow to a gloomy place. I love Red Geraniums in my garden. I like them in pots not in the ground. They seem to give me more pleasure when I see them in pots on window ledges and in special  corners of the garden. I can be biased as I was brought up in Europe. A lot of places in Europe you see them in balconies or window sills or in pots in patios......hmmmmmmmmmm memories!

Did you know that there is a reason to have geranium pots on window sills, apart from the fact to beautify the place! They are great anti repelants. A lot of Europeans use this plant to protect them from mosquitos or insects especially at night.

They are very easy to grow long as they have proper drainage..and they do not need to be watered that much... In summer I feed them fish fertilsers approx. every 2 weeks. and they can flower almost all the year round. More interesting comments about how to grow Geraniums. They come in a variety of colours some also are climbers...but again I prefer the red and to have them in pots.

When I see that the flowers are nearly going to die I usually give the pots a good cut and you see  after a couple of weeks new growth coming out and more display of flowers to enjoy.... I also dry the petals in a tub in the sun and I use it for potpourri..the red vibrant colour stays and lightens up your potpourri spray..

I hope I have brightened up your day.....

I shall leave you with one of the many favorite shots that I have in my collection for you to ponder ...enjoy and fantasize!
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