Friday, March 18, 2011

boys will be boys…….

I am not sure about you, but when I have a Special Occasion coming up  and I have to buy a gift for a boy or a guy it is always harder to find something special than for a  girl…………DollTraditionalDoll


As you know I am always sourcing out something special for you … I came up with this delightful Traditional Doll from the “Barefoot Collection” all handmade in Sir Lankan. I am in love with this range…. love their:

  • vibrant colours
  • unique pieces as they are all handmade and not one is exactly the same as the other as they come in all different colours
  • materials used are hand woven
  • Swiss dyes are used and are non toxic

boys will be boys

This Traditional doll is approx. 57cm in height. Your adorable boy would love this to have and carry as a friend. Their clothes can come off and they come with underpants and all!
What I love most about these are the trendy tongs that they wear..they are cleverly crafted and attached to the foot with Velcro so they can be taken off and put on as one pleases.
These are also Ideal for kids groups…such as Kindergarten, Crèches, Family Day Care, Playgroups, Primary schools, Special needs schools. They are a great way to introduce international dolls in the group. They are also very hardwearing and can be hand washed.
These bags are also a favourite of mine.
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