Thursday, March 24, 2011

We all heard of Multiculturalism and Ethnic Backgrounds….what does it mean, how can we explain it and incorporate it in our kids everyday everyday play?

Multiculturalism and Ethnicity….interesting words! 

International Ethnic Family425

Ethnic is basically a group of people who share the same background, language culture and heritage.
Multiculturalism is a group of people that either practice and accept people from different countries and nationalities and all colour of life. It can also mean that individuals who were brought up in a Multicultural family, a parent might be from one Ethnic Background and the other from an other…also you might find more members of the extended family that come from various other Ethnic groups.
So from a child point of view how do you instil these cultures and ideas? Personally I had no issues with this while they were little as both my husband, myself and extended family all seem to come from the same Ethnic Backgrounds..except for a couple  which we really did not have much contact with.
c-002 dolls x 4 c-003 african family
But in real world today..with the easy access of travel, internet, people are mixing more and more. In my travels I am finding that wherever I go I find people from all kinds of backgrounds…and I really enjoy the learning experience that come with it, food, traditions, etc. It is an eye opening experience.
                   jollidoll 600       MISSJOLLIWAG1100    
The main concern for me that I hope one day we still have these traditions going and not be assimilated so much that we loose that. For example one thing that annoys me to death, is that in most countries that I travelled…I usually like to find something to buy that is authentic related to that country…not designed and then made in China…that really frustrates me! DSCF2665

On the positive side..I love trying different kind of food from all over the world. I love the different Multicultural Restaurants and Cafes that are popping everywhere around us…and I am sure most of you do to.
I am always on the look out for new products to introduce in my shop which are a great resources for Multicultural Activities. in my Doll Section I have introduced the above gorgeous new family which combined with other doll sets can help Kids in understanding Multiculturalism in their pretend play.

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