Thursday, May 6, 2010

What do you look for when you are in the market for purchasing a Doll House?

As some of you may know by now I have worked with kids for 25years so I like to share my experience with others....

When Parents come and inquiry about purchasing a Doll house...I turn back to them and ask what do you want from a Doll House..

  1. Do you want to it as a decorative piece of your Child's room ?
  2. Do you want your Child to enjoy it to the full, create his or her own imaginary/pretend play without being restricted in one way or another...?
  3. Do you want a sturdy Doll house...?
  4. How much do you want to spend?
  5. How much space do you you live in a unit or a house?
  6. Do you want an open plan house or one that you can close completely?
  7. Do you want to start with a smaller Doll house and then if child is interested still change to a bigger one as they grow older?
  8. Do you want it for 1 child or to be used as group play?
Yes I think these are important issues as parents sometimes spend a lot of money on toys thinking they bought the right thing for their child  and after a while it get discard like a lot of their other toys...

When I personally source out products for my store...I always fall back to my experience working with preschool children...I look for Safety, Budget, and also think as a child would...!

I offer a variety of Doll Houses in store...

They all can be used as a single person play experience or as a group...they all come as a package with a family of 4 dolls and furniture..

The Regency doll house  comes in Pink...with great activities as closing and opening of windows and shutters...very exciting from a child point of view...The front panels open wide open and when finished play can be closed and looks quite neat....this comes with a family of 7 wooden Dolls and a House full of furniture.

3 Level Doll House Play Center

This gorgeous doll house is slightly bigger than the ones above...It is ideal for a single child or as group play, as it has 2 door in the front and can be accessible with their little hands from everywhere...The windows open and close...The roof can come completely off for open play...It is ideal for boys and girls.It also comes with a family of 4 wooden dolls and a house full of furniture.....
Play Center

I am sure the above doll houses are every child dream..................
Parents sometimes choose very dressy delicate doll house that perhaps they wish they to have for their own pleasure they forget that a child is playing with it...and they need to be able to play with not worrying that it will break very easily...There is a time for that...if when the child by the age of eight is till interested in 
Doll houses ...than they can upgrade to the Collectors or Hobbyist Section...I do cater for that as well when the time comes... 

These gorgeous Mouse Houses from the Barefoot Range are another adorable house....

I classify them as Heirlooms...I am very biased as I fell in love with them...They are ideal for boys and girls....
They can be folded down and taken away on Holidays or to Grandma's House for play...They have 2 levels and an attic. The roof of the attic can be undone so they can have open play...It is designed to hand on a wardrobe door or a knob..and when finished can be turned around so you will not see all the inside of the house...They come with a family of 6 mice..........just adorable... These are all handmade and not one is exactly the same as the other in colour...
Barefoot Mouse House

These are fairly new in store .....I have started bringing them in as quite a few people inquired for Doll Houses for Barbie and Bratz Dolls...
NY Mansion doll house Doll house new york mansion
 The london Mansion ...London Mansion Doll house opened

I would like to hear your thoughts on what you look for when buying a Doll house....?


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