Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Abacus ~~ super cube ~~ educational toy…
 Abacus origin started in a part of china as an arithmetic aid. It used to be a frame with beads on rods going across which was used for counting……
It is an amazing invention that still supersedes, computer aids in this subject. It is a great aid to help young ones start the basics in Maths.
Well…..I have been asked many a times if I stock  the Abacus…I think I had to find one to introduce to you. As usual you know how I hunt high and low to find the right product to present in my store.
Well finally I found this super cube…It is Approx. 20cm x 20cm  20cm, Perfect size. It is advisable to be used 18months and up…although that is up to your jurisdiction, you know your child better than anyone.
This Super Cube is very versatile, the top part where the bead frame is, when turned upside down, it fits perfectly in the cube, makes it a perfect cube. It can be used as 2 separate activities, so more than one child can play with, which makes it ideal if one wants to use it in a playgroup situation, crèches, family day care, waiting rooms etc. Obviously it is perfect for a single child alone as well.
This Versatile Cube:
  • An Abacus on one side
  • A Blackboard on another
  • Apple and Banana images printed on wooden cubes that can be turned around on another side
  • Fun learning shapes that can be moved around
That makes it the four sides…..
  • And finally the bead frame which makes a fifth side
So I think you see why I decided on this product. it is versatile, educational,colourful, perfect size, great quality and perfect prize.
It is made from rubber plantation wood, and paints used are non toxic.
  1.  Cognitive Intelligence
  2.  Spatial understanding
  3. logic and sequence
  4. provides multiple stimulation
This would make an ideal Christening or Baby Gift.Sometimes we need to think in the future, when giving someone, a gift. This will grow with the child, can also be used in primary as a Maths aid.
Hope you enjoyed this post…always love to share my 25 years experience working with pre-school age group.
You know I love colour by now and this product is alive!
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