Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Time to have a break....but do not worry I will still be looking after you in my travels!

I will be having a break to catch up my family overseas, but I have done a fair bit of work behind the scenes and have made some arrangements please read on......

We  are  away on a family holiday at the moment, but we are still sending out most of the products out. Please read carefully:

The larger items, such as the Teamson range, Doll Houses, Playcenters and some of the smaller items in store will be sent out within a couple of days of  your purchase, it might  take a bit  longer due to time difference that I will  be travelling to process your order.

Some of the very smaller items unfortunately I will not be able to process until I return back to Australia which is around the 12th July....You can still purchase, but that is when they will be processed though, it is worth emailing me to see if I can arrange delivery.

Personalized Items -- to those who had in mind to place any Personalized orders in the near future, you can still place your orders, I will still be able  to work on designs while I  am away but they will be finalized on my return mid July.. I know that on my return my  Christmas orders will start to build  up.!

Please feel free to contact me via email for any  inquiries..........!
So while I am taking a well deserved break, I will find time to process most orders that will come in, and arrange to be sent out too you. Please be patient to get a response, as I will be in a time difference of 8hrs.

I will try and keep you updated with some of the beautiful places that I will be visiting.

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