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Lacing & threading activities with young children, encouraging and developing manipulative skills & co-ordination skills….

Lacing & threading activities with young children, encouraging and developing manipulative skills together with co-ordination skills….


In my other article I spoke about how lacing and threading help in the development of these skills.

You can see how important to introduce different activities, as it will help them in their physical development.

Now if you have covered the basic lacing, you can move on to next stage where the end of the lace gets a bit smaller and the wholes that they are threading through, a bit smaller as well to make it a bit more challenging.

Activity sets like these will not only improve their skills but help them as well in pretend play and imaginative skills.


Other great lacing play sets are these below, which can be easily included in the Home Corner pretend play…


This awesome set covers everything from lacing,stacking,sorting,counting, and number recognition.


For something more this, letter and shapes sets will be more challenging.

Lacing Alphabet

Well when you think they finally mastered all the above…these gorgeous activity sets, which come in a tin box will provide them with lots of hours of activity.

Knitting Set
Sewing set

 I think we covered quite a few stages of lacing here

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