Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What does Mother’s Day mean to me…..?

 What does Mother mean to you?


I know for me these days it is a celebration of honoring what my MUM means to me and what she has done for me and siblings, and also a joy to be blessed with 2 of my own.

Growing up as a child
  • one takes his MUM for granted in a way
  • she is always there for you, making sure you are cared for, loved and nurtured
  • as one grows older into teenage years, MUM becomes that person who does not know anything, she is ancient and does not understand where you are coming from
  • we grow into adulthood MUM all of a sudden becomes your friend, a person who is full of knowledge, and often is the one who gets asked for advise…..because of course as we all know now, she knows best what is good for her child!!!!!
Ah …how things change!

All of a sudden MUM is popular again…we start going out together for coffee, and share personal happenings in our life, and becomes more the person that you like to hang out with……

I personally was blessed with 2 of my own. I have come to a stage now that both of them are grown up and left home, still they are my 2 gorgeous children that I have raised with my husband, which I dearly thank as if it was not for him obviously I would not have become a MUM.
  • I do not regret one thing I have done
  • Yes maybe I could have done slightly better in some things…but then who is perfect
  • I am so proud of what they have achieved and of the persons that they have become
  • I still feel somehow that I need to care for them in some way and be there for whenever they need me
My mum used to say as your kids grow your worries grow with them, and in a way it is true…as they grown and start their own families more things to worry about, but on the positive side there is a lot of great things that one shares together.


One story My Mum used to tell to us as kids, I am not sure if it is a true story or one that was made up.

There was a  man who was going to be hanged in prison, as a punishment for something that he done.  His last wish was to see his mum. 

When his mum came along, he slapped her in the face.

She said “Why did you do that?”

He said “If you did your job properly when I was young, I would not be here today!”

I know some of you might say, but it is not fair. When you really think about it, we bring our children in this world, it was our choice not theirs. We have the responsibility to guide them, look after them and teach them the right way and to respect others, and consequently to grow up to become great human beings.

I believe Mum's love is unconditional……

Hope you all had a memorable Mother’s Day. Personally I had the pleasure of spending quality time with all my family and to spend an hour talking to my gorgeous Mum on Skype.

Isn’t the Personalized Mug up top such a memorable keepsake…..! One of my customers created it for her mum!

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