Monday, June 11, 2012

First stop of our Holiday…was Dubai

Dubai a place  where you say WOW!

Wonders of Dubai

I have been to Dubai before, but it never seizes to amaze me! Dubai is literately a work in progress.What can I say wherever you go, you end up saying WOW!!!!!!!!

 This time we stayed at the Sheraton Dubai Creek Hotel, with a room overlooking the creek…which spells MAGIC! It was a fantastic stay all around. The Staff at the Hotel made our stay a very memorable one. Their service was outstanding. Breakfast was an array of lavish Buffet overlooking the Dubai Creek.


Sheraton Dubai Creek

Sheraton Dubai CreekSheraton Dubai Creek

Weather wise, if you travel at this time of the year you have to expect 40C and up…having said that, everywhere is air-conditioned even the bus stops. I can assure you, you will not spend much time outside in this heat during the day. If you are after enjoying beaches the best time to go is February, March when the temperatures range between 25 to 29C.

Considering that Dubai has only been in development for the last 30 years, one can see many wonders of the world, evolving year after year.

Personally I was brought up in a wonderful Island called Malta which has amazing History, beautiful architecture and passionate people. Now I live in Australia…and as everyone knows, is called the lucky country, but Dubai is becoming a place that one has to stop and see! 

The planning that has been done for this amazing country is out of this world. A place which was literary built on sand dunes, with hardly any other attractive natural earth formation to be proud of, the wonders that have been created are out of this world. Dubai is part of the U.A.E (United Arab Emirates) where their main source of income is OIL. Knowing that oil is not going to be there for ever, they splendidly came up with this idea of creating a city that the world would crave for to see………

They did copy a lot of the landmarks of the world but somehow made them more special……what about the latest, Little Venice.., a man made canal with architecture all around to die for it is just amazing.

Dubai had a shore line of only 70kms. A lot of people around the world prefer to live next the beach, so an ingenuity has been created in Dubai. Palm Jumeira Island was created. It was all created on reclaimed land. They built  luxurious villas, apartments and the mighty Atlantis Hotel were created…all facing man made shore lines…you have to see this to really appreciate it. It is out of this world. With high traffic going to and from this island, double roads were built one on top of each other to help cope with the amount of traffic that they receive from visitors. What can I say…..You really need to see with your own eyes to appreciate this wonder that has been created.

Atlantis Palm Island DubaiAtlantis Palm Island Dubai

Some of these places that we visited we owe it to the excellent service of Sunil who escorted us around Dubai in a 4hr private tour. Both my husband and myself cannot speak more highly of him. I thoroughly recommend his company and I will assure you get great service, a wealth of knowledge and by the end of the Tour you would totally agree that it would be one of the best Tours you have taken. You can book tours prior to your arrival in Dubai or through your concierge at the Hotel you will be staying. There are other tours available that are cheaper but that's only because you will travel around by bus with a much larger group. My advise is to pay that little bit extra and go with tour guides like Sunil who will give you that little bit extra and takes you to places where you cannot go with a bus! I can assure you, that it would be more worth it, going on one of these tours. Just contact Dubai Private Tour … I am sure you will be pleased.

I will stop here for now, but I am sure I will be writing more about Dubai in the near future….a fascinating modern city!

Disclosure: I wrote a review sharing my experience.  No financial payment was offered nor accepted for this post. All opinions expressed are purely my own.

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