Thursday, May 17, 2012

Events that I am around the next 3 days….

 I found some quite time today, while I am exhibiting at Bulleen Shopping Center. I should have done this yesterday to update you with what I will be up to as in displaying where and where, but I never got around to it!

At present I am at Bulleen Shopping center…we had quite a busy morning, but in the afternoon it seems to quite down before the school run. So I thought I sit and catch up with my posting.

Tomorrow you will find me at the Caribbean Market i.e.


Friday the 18th May
8:30 am  till 2:30 pm

You will find great activities for the kids as well


Sunday the 19th May
09:00 till 2:00pm
A great day out…


Hope to see some of you there, as you see a full schedule ahead of me, but looking forward catching up with different people in my travels…till thenSmile

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