Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Lately I have been speaking to a Parrot in my travels….

As a Child next to our primary school, there used to be a cafe, who had this Parrot outside the Cafe in a cage, and as Kids we all use to stop by and say hello to Polly the “Parrot”. Polly the Parrot  used to say “hello do you want any lollies today”? 


I think the owner must have done a bit of training there with Polly LOL……It must have a been a great investment back then. Well lately I have been talking to another sort of Parrot, you know we have moved forward from my childhood, and I do not need to tell you how old I am now, but it has been quite awhile.

Well as you know the world of digital gadgets is a fascination these days. I have been approached lately to talk to a different kind of Parrot,  from the one I am used to speak to in my childhood years.

Initially I looked at it, it looked very fine slender piece of equipment. To tell you the truth  I have never used one of these before, so I was a bit baffled as to what I am supposed to do with it. When it comes to new technology, I seem to stay back a bit to try something new.

I sat down and read the instructions which to my surprise was not very hard at all to understand (in the meantime I charged my parrot)
  • You can charge it directly into your cigarette lighter
  • or use a USB/mini-USB cable to connect the Parrot MINIKIT+ to your computer

Sorry I forgot to mention that this very handy new device that I have is called Parrot MINIKIT+! I have to say the name suits it to "T"

parrot_minikit_01  parrot_minikit_02parrot_minikit_03

Installing the Parrot is very easy, you just need to slide the visor strap supplied onto your vehicle sun visor and just slide the clip located at the back of the Parrot onto the the visor strap, as simple as that!


How to operate the Parrot MINIKIT+

Simply follow the instructions in the booklet.
  • By turning the knob on and off, and if you do not have the phone connected to the parrot it switches off automatically. This happens mainly when you leave your car. The minute you go in your car it automatically, (thanks to its vibration detector) switches back on. Isn’t this nice, it is like having someone welcome you back into your car Smile 

Now listen to this if you have a Bluetooth phone, it also synchronizes your contacts stored in your phone. Once this is done you can use the voice recognition process, by just pressing the green button the Lovely Parrot MINIKIT+ asks you the name and contact you want to call and lets say you say Debbie, a couple of questions are followed and if you say yes the phone call starts automatically without the need of pressing any buttons.

Now isn’t this a clever parrot or what?

Receiving a phone call is even easier, an incoming call is indicated by a ring tone, the name of the caller is announced if this number is recorded in your phone-book, if you want to accept the call press the green button or say Accept or Reject, if you do not want to answer the call.


You can follow more simple instructions to get to know your Parrot MiniKit+ as you get along. To summarize as to what Parrot MINIKIT+ is all about:

Parrot, leader in wireless peripherals for mobile phones, reveals Parrot MINIKIT+, a brand new portable hands-free kit, which manages simultaneously 2 mobile phones and is controlled vocally
Simultaneous management of two mobile phones
Parrot MINIKIT+ is a portable hands-free kit capable of managing, simultaneously, two Bluetooth mobile phones, thanks to Parrot’s “Dual Mode” multipoint technology.
The driver defines one main telephone out of the two connected and the Parrot MINIKIT+ associates different ring tones to each of them.
Parrot MINIKIT+ automatically synchronises its directory with the connected mobile phones, and can memorise up to 2,000 contacts.
As for all Parrot hands-free systems, Parrot MINIKIT+ is compatible with all Bluetooth mobile phones and Smartphones available in the market.
Note: up to 10 mobile phones can be paired to the Parrot MINIKIT+ (20,000 contacts in total).
Hands-free management of calls
For incoming calls, the driver just has to pronounce the words "accept" or "reject" to take or reject a call, without any manipulation of the mobile phone nor the Parrot MINIKIT+.
If the caller is present in the phone book of the connected mobile phones, the hands-free kit will have expressed its name beforehand.
To make a call, the driver just has to press the green button of the Parrot MINIKIT+ to launch the voice recognition and then to pronounce the name of a contact of his main phone book. The Parrot MINIKIT+ will dial the number automatically.

I can say I am enjoying my journey with my new found Parrot MINIKIT+, it is like having a friend, who accompanies me along my daily travels, without having to give him too much attention. Actually he looks after me, as he made my life easier in making phone calls or receiving calls. The only thing I have to say sometimes he gets confused with my accent, and does not understand the name that I have said, but otherwise, I find the reception and talking to my friends and customers while driving very clear. It gives me the peace of mind that I do not have to handle my phone to answer an incoming call, that means if a customer is calling while I am traveling I can still answer their queries.

Price and availability        
The Parrot MINIKIT+ has been available since late last year at AU$99 MSRP.
Technical information available at

Parrot has came along way since my childhood!

Disclosure: I was given sample to try and I wrote a review. No financial payment was offered nor accepted for this post. All opinions expressed are purely my own.
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