Saturday, January 8, 2011

Celebrating New Year's Eve....

New Year's Eve 2010/2011
This time around was a special experience saying good bye 2010 and bringing on 2011.

Out of the Blues we decided as a group...(we have a group of friends which we hang out all the time with) to celebrate this special night on a Boat on the Yarra River in Melbourne...

Coral Dee Party Boat Cruises
It was a pleasant experience..with a full Buffet served.. and drinks included i.e. wine, beer and soft drinks...We also had great entertainment Disc Jockey featuring Video Show

Saw all the fireworks that were happening around the city...some where so close to us and it was amazing to see . We all had a fantastic time and I recommended it to everyone...check their Website they cater for all sort of functions ...they even have something organized for Valentine's day...

I will definitely add this experience to my collection of Memories

Check out Party Boat Cruises if you are after something special in Melbourne!
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