Thursday, January 6, 2011

How to be organized .......

How to be organized .......?

2011 is rolling on....and I am sure like myself....most of you will be thinking what is it going to bring along.

We will be assessing

  • what we have achieved last year?
  • what perhaps we could have done better?
  • what has has gone bad?
  • what we can improve on?
  • what goals have we achieved?
  • have we stuck to our plans?
  • how did we pull ourselves out of situations when things did not go as planned?
  • maybe over spend or went over budget...this could have been unintentionally 
  • millions of thoughts are going through my mind personally......
Okay we have gone through all the above motions and self searching, we need to sit down grab a piece of paper, and think can we make this year a better one?

Personally one of my fundamentals as regards organizing my finances is that I try and stick to my budgets. This is very important as it can bring people to a lot of strife. I only budget on what I think I can afford from what I not forget to budget also for rainy days..mishaps or other events that come upon us unexpected. I find quite a few number of people are already planning to spend their money that is coming in their next pay. I might be from the old school, but I like to save first and then have the pleasure of spending it. If one plan ahead you will find that you will not find yourself under pressure when bills come in or when special occasions come along.

This time of the year you will find that a lot of sales will be  around us everywhere. These are good and bad...

Do not be over excited and start buying stuff that you think you might need just because they are on sale and then you are left with this pile of items that you do not know what you want to do with them ...just to satisfy your urge of impulse buying....

Yes if you are prepared, done your budgets, made your list of what you need to purchase this year or what you might need for special occasions coming up........perhaps you have a special occasion coming during 2011 like someone's Wedding, engagement...special Birthdays, trip overseas, buying something for the house, replacing an item...getting organized for Christmas 2011(perhaps that sounds funny to some, but believe me if you think of these things now you will be laughing, no stress..but you will enjoying the moment)

As you all know I specialize in Christmas and Special Occasions...I get 2 versions of comments, 
  • .Oh no not that time of the year again...I do not want to think about it! (stressed out, not enjoying ending up buying the wrong items,... negative vibes passed on)
  • I have done most of mine I am almost ready just the last minute needs (happy, enjoying the moment or event whatever it might be ...satisfied..and positive feelings passed on)
Can you see and feel the difference in emotions.........Love to hear your comments!

Personally after my experience that I  had with the lead up to Christmas.....on of my points that I need to work on is that I have to set a cut off date when I stop taking orders. Like many of you sometimes we find it hard to say NO....we are always trying to please....but at the end we might be hurting oneself.

P.S. Just a reminder to check out these specials that I have for you till the end of January. It is a great time to sit down and plan your needs for 2011 and save money...I rarely have these offers especially with my Personalized  items...! With the holiday season yo can organize your images and perhaps organized special gifts or keepsakes. I find this takes a fair bit of time to finalize  and with the offers that I have at the moment yo will be saving money along the way with less stress in the months ahead. Christmas is 12 months down the track..but if you are organized well enough it can be the most enjoyable time of the year!
  • I am quite happy for you to organize your Christmas shopping,  
  • place your orders and you will have a choice or either sending them when processed or they will be delivered to you around November if that suit better...
  • Do not forget that I have a Lay by Facility which can be arranged to sit your needs.
  • Please feel free to discuss this with me. 
  • This will make things so much easier for you as by the time  your special occasion comes along yo will be all organized and paid for!

Best Wishes for 2011 looking forward to work with all of you, I am sure we will be having a fantastic year ahead!

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