Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tips of the day using Tea Tree oil to remove any tacky glue from stickers or cleaning your storage tins……

 Tea Tree Oil


As I was pottering around this morning, doing my regular chores and putting things away, one of the things I had to do is to take some sticker glue of a tin that I wanted to keep, and as I started scrubbing it with soap and water, I remembered that there is an easier way of taking it off.  Good Old Fashioned Tea Tree Oil, which I think most of us forget about it.

So with a bit of Tea Tree Oil and some water, it came off instantly.. I just thought I share this, because many a times we buy things and the glue of the price tags are hard to take off…but if  you keep a jar of Tea Tree Oil in your cupboard, it will be amazing how much use you find for it.

I personally love collecting tins and store food and other bits and pieces in them, I feel they give a bit of character to my place and at the same time they are useful containers.


Again another helpful hint using Tea Tree Oil. With use the lids tend to get a bit jammed, especially ones that I use often like the ones below which are my containers for my Tea, Coffee, & Tea bags, and as one can imagine are in constant use. 

So every so often, I grab my Tea Tree Oil, and my Kitchen paper roll and I dab a little bit of oil onto the paper and the lids inside and out and around the rims of the containers…they will work like new again.


After I just polish them with some furniture polish and bring them back to life again. I love my coffee and tea tins collection they are some of my favorites, I bought them a few years down the track when Bushels had a promotion with them.

Hope you find use of this helpful hint and if you have one to share, please feel free to link here. I am always willing to learn. It is amazing how much we learn of each otherSmile

PS. "Experiences I expressed here are purely my own."

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