Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New stock of Barefoot Mice by Barbara Sansoni has arrived in store….


Once upon a time actually in 1956 this lovely lady “Barbara Sansoni” started teaching illiterate people in Sri Lanka how to sew…..and viola the “Barefoot” concept started.

Gorgeous and lovable products have been created since then, some of which you will see proudly stocked in my store..
The sitting mice…were out of stock and a shipment of them just arrived… addition with the other sizes available in store.


mice family

A Mouse house with a family of six mice and furniture is also available in store. This is a great heirloom to pass on to your Grandkids.


Look at what just arrived, they are simple gorgeous, you look at one and forget the other, they are all individually lovable. Do not forget that the "Barefoot range" is all unique, you never get one the same. They have all been handmade and not one is exactly the same as the other.


They are all waiting for someone to love them …..and a good home!

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