Thursday, March 29, 2012

Family Traditions

Family Tradition
One of my customers lately bought something of my Barefoot range which she was eagerly to receive. I was talking with her on the phone and she told me that she started a "Family Tradition" with the Barefoot Mice…..!

I thought how gorgeous is that. I am biased I love the Barefoot Mice. When I heard what what this gorgeous couple started as a Family Tradition, I could not help to share it with you.

They started off with 2 mice representing Grandma and Grandpa.

medium mice

Then they bought 3 male sitting down mice to represent their 3 grandsons.


They will be continuing to build their collection of Barefoot Mice as more grandchildren arrive. When their grandchildren visit them they will grow up knowing the symbol of each and every mouse and I am sure great stories will be told and heard by their growing family.

How awesome is this. Do you have any Family Traditions that you would like to share with us.


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