Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sirena Tuna and Rice has just landed on our shelves at Woolworths..

Sirena3I am sure you all heard of Sirena Tuna before. Apparently it has been around in Australia since 1956. You can read the History of how the company evolved over here.
Well lately I have been approached by Soup (Soup is for people who love having their say and want to be involved in shaping the future of brands and products), to try a new product that Sirena just launched ready to eat tuna and rice meals in Woolworths.
They come in these 3 Delicious flavours which are ready cooked and can be eaten cold or warm:

image  image  image
Sirena Tuna and Rice – Italian Salad
Traditional Italian tuna rice salad filled with delicious Sirena tuna, rice, peas and capsicum
Sirena Tuna and Rice – Puttanesca
The perfect combination of delicate tuna, tomato, olives and capers with a hint of chilli
Sirena Tuna and Rice – Spicy Tomato
Spicy chilli and tomato Italian-style sauce with succulent Sirena tuna and rice
They are available in 190grm packs

To tell you the truth I was a bit skeptic when I saw these packets, as I really did not know what to expect, but once I tried one, I enjoyed the flavours and was really impressed. It actually took me back to my childhood. I was brought up in Malta, and we have a lot of Italian influence in our food culture. I cannot say I like one more than the other, as I really like the combination of the ingredients in the 3 flavours available.
I shared some of the samples with family and friends and asked them to use their imagination and to tell me what they have used these packs for and when.
Some of their comments:
  • they all loved the flavours, even those who are not European background
  • they said they made a great snack, for during the day, some were quite satisfied to have it for lunch, the guys felt that they had to have something else with it, as it was not enough on its own
  • one person went very creative and mixed the mixture with some eggs and milk and made a scrumptious omelet
  • personally I thoroughly enjoyed taking it with me to events where I exhibited , and found it so convenient to have as, all I had to do is open the lid and eat  without any mess …knowing I had a very healthy snack.
When I was in my studio, I ventured a bit more, and anyone can do this even if you work in an office or factory worker, as instead of having stir vegetables, you can mix it with a salad. 

1. Stir fry quickly some mixed vegetables


2. Put it in a bowl

3. Open the Sierra Container, this one in particular is Sirena Tuna and Rice – Italian Salad


4. Throw into the bowl


5. Mix everything together and viola a scrumptious delicious meal in about 10mins


Thank you Sirena for creating these delicious and scrumptious snacks, and thank you Soup for asking me to try them out…
I thoroughly recommend them to everyone.  

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