Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mdina is one of my favourite old city in Malta

For those of you who have not visited Mdina before…….


Mdina Entrance.....Great Facade ....used to be the entrance of the Fortification

Quite now Please, I am going to take you in the silent city (another name for) Mdina.

No cars go in past the majestic gate of Mdina. To enter this city which is surrounded by old fortifications, you go on a bridge (over the moat), through a Majestic Arch gateway, and one can either walk around or ride a horse driven carriage around the city.

Malta has a rich history.
The island has a very strategic position in the Mediterranean, so along the years it has been conquered and fought for by many rulers. Early settlement in this area took place over 4000years ago. The Phoenicians were the ones who realised the strategic importance of this site, so they decided to fortify part of the town around 1000BC. It was initially given the name of Malet. When the Romans took over Malta, it was renamed Melita and beautiful buildings were erected. In the current buildings that one sees these days, some of the Ancient Roman stones was used. The Saracens took over the Romans in 870AD, and for defence reasons they separated Mdina from the nearby Suburb Rabat by a deep Moat and surrounded the city by stronger walls. The history goes on, by Malta under the hands of the Normans from the Romans, then the Knights of the order of St. John, the French and the English….
What to do when visiting Mdina:
These days once can wonder around the picturesque cobbles narrow streets…
  1. enjoying the silence and stillness of the surrounds
  2. the beautiful architecture
  3. old doors and windows
  4. Tubs filled with  coloured geraniums
  5. Some residences have been turned into Galleries, Museums and Cafe’s
  6. Browse through or attend a service at the Cathedral which is in the centre of the city
Mdina is one of the highest points in Malta, and this is why it was chosen as one of the many fortifications that you found around the island.
You will find people that live in parts of the silent city, usually they are descendants of Noble families, that these properties were inherited over the years.
While we were there this year, we had the pleasure of seeing a bride coming out of her family home and walking to the Cathedral to get married. That was a special Occasion to watch!

There is quite a few renowned Cafe’s and restaurants, but one of my favourites I have to say that I go there more than once when I visit the Island is “Fontanella”, They open all day and also for dinner. During the day you can go upstairs in this Magical Terrace which is part of the fortifications and expect to be blown away by the 360 Degrees views of the island. They serve quite a few local snacks and the deserts are to die for. Please try the “Maltese Kanoli”, I say no more delicious……..

By now you can see my passion and love for this part of the world!

enjoying the view from the Fontanella Cafe

Ciao for now….. xxx


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