Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What Have I done today.....Bugibba Front in a cafe....Malta

A view from the Dolmen Cafe


What Have I done today.....Bugibba Front in a cafe....Malta!

First thing in the morning while we are on holiday in Malta, out of bed and off on our normal walk along the bay before the temperature start gets too high. Although the temperatures are quite mild at the moment, but still they can get too hot to walk in.

We decided to go our separate ways today, my husband and myself. He went with one of his brothers for a swim to one of his favorite beaches, and I decided to stroll up the front, from Qawra to Bugibba, and stop at a couple of cafe's, enjoying some lunch and some local dry White Wine  and a coffee along the way. For a coffee I have to remember to ask for an "Americano".  What we call in Australia "Long Black" is called "Americano" here.  After a few wrong coffees, when I asked for a long black, and I was given just a plain coffee, I soon find out that I was asking for the wrong coffee. So while you are in Malta you have to ask for Cafe Americano to have a long black.......!

In the meantime.....I am enjoying a glass of dry white, enjoying seeing everyone in a holiday mode, listening to the different languages that are spoken on the island from all the different tourists that come all year round to enjoy this gorgeous weather and beaches.

Bugibba Malta

Till next time.....

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