Thursday, August 5, 2010

Personalized Fathers Day Gifts ~~ Photo Competition, Giveaway World Wide

Personalized Fathers Day Gifts ~~ Photo Competition, Giveaway ~~ World Wide!!!!

Are you after something special or different this Father's Day.......?
In Australia Father's day is on the 5th September we do not celebrate it in June like the rest of the world!

Have you lost your Dad and perhaps you would like to have a Memorial Bauble for him...which you can enjoy having it displayed around the house or a special place on the Tree at Christmas Time.

Would you like to capture your dad or husband perhaps with a family photo with his kids and create a special keepsake...I do offer you the opportunity to create a special personalised keepsake on a Bauble, Pomander  or one of the different size Plates that I offer .....

 Let us have some fun.... I have organized a Competition for you....
  1. You need to upload  a picture of your beloved Dad or Husband.
  2. One will be drawn at random and the winner will be Eligible to have a Free Personalized Bauble. 
  3. This is open to all ....residents in Australia and overseas....
  4. You need to be a follower of this blog
  5. A member of My Face Book Page  leave a comment on my wall.
  6. Link to your blog or post of your choice. (P.S. this is a family Blog any links that I consider not suitable will be removed). If you do not have a blog you can  leave your email address to be contacted if you win!
  7. Leave a comment below.
The Winner will:
  1. Have a choice of color background and ribbon
  2. Provide an image of your own to have on Bauble, try and choose one of your great shots that you have
  3. Personalized Message included
  4. Will be gift boxed
  5. Permission to use the image of finished product for future display on my sites or any other advertising material that I see fit. I like to randomly use images of my previous work to give people an idea of how different finished Baubles look. Your Bauble will be featured in future Posts.
  6. Finally be ready to have some fun........ GOOD LUCK!
  7. Winners will be announced on the 2nd September ~~ both on Face Book and on my Blog.
Just to remind you that these are great gifts for all occasions, Wedding favors or keepsakes, Christening, Baptism, or Baby's First Christmas, Teachers's Gifts,  Christmas Tree Decorations, etc...
You can use your own image or you can use one of the large range of designs that I have in store.
You can order these all the year round...

The winner of this this Great Dad     Can you please leave your details in comment box below  or Facebook to arrange for your prize to be processed.....Congratulations.....( you have not left any contact address...)

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