Thursday, August 26, 2010

Australia Theme ~~ with an Australiana Flavour...........

Australia Theme  ~~   Designed and Handmade in!

Have you ever been in different countries around the world and wanted to buy something of the local produce like a souvenir to take home with you.....only to be disappointed to find that it might represent that country or place but it is actually made in China.....................I find that very disappointing and disrespectful for the people representing it. I travel a fair bit and in almost every country this is happening. You seem to find things the same around the world....very rarely you find something that is actually designed and handmade or produced in that country....

I am proud to present to you a range of Australian Products that have been designed, handmade and created by myself. These products are great for all Australian Lovers, People visiting Australia, to take something Special with them,Collectors from around the world, great Corporate Gifts.....also people travelling overseas and wishing to take a memento or a souvenir with them to take to their relatives or friends!

I have created a selection of:
  • Australian Animals ~~ Kangaroo, Koala
  • Australian Birds ~~ Wrens, kookaburra, Cockatoo, Rainbow Lorikeet
  • Australian Flora ~~ Gum Nuts, Warataha, Flannel, Bouquets
  • Other Australian ~~ Dainty Tree Frog, Fairy Penguin

I have designed  them either in the form of a Bauble or as a Pomander..... I also do a range of tableware....will  write another post regarding can see some of the design here until then...

So finally be proud of your Australian Made where you can....this is how we can strive to Keep our Identity....Thank you !

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