Thursday, January 29, 2015

Look what has arrived in store...this gorgeous Noble Kitchen by Viga Toys

Wooden Noble Kitchen by Viga Toys for boys and girls

I am excited about this kitchen....
Wooden Noble Kitchen by Viga
  • It is a unisex colour - boys and girls would love this.
  • It will be perfect for those people who are colour for them is important, as this will blend in well with any decor.
  • very competitive in price.
  • very sleek design
  • comes with utensils, an added bonus!
  • a quality toy by Viga Toys
This will suit
  • home envoirnment
  • playgroups
  • family daycare
  • childcare centres
You can view other selection of kitchens over here.....I think you will find it hard to choose from:)

We also offer Gift Vouchers if you are undecided as to what to give!


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