Sunday, March 3, 2013

Create a Personalised Gift for your beloved pet or maybe a Memorably Keepsake of a Winning Horse of Hound Race…..

 A pet memorabilia, keepsake for you to treasure and enjoy


Having a pet is one of the most wonderful experience one can have,and loosing one can be so hard to accept. If you are like me, when we lost our family dog, I wanted to hold on to the memory of our lovable dog, which we had for over 13years in my heart. This is how I came up with the idea of creating beautiful keepsakes so we can enjoy her memory forever more.....


Then again you do not need to loose your pet, before you create a wonderful keepsake.....Wouldn't be lovely if you create a personalized mug for example to take with you to work and you can have a look at your pet all day, or maybe do a Christmas Bauble with an image when they were born and their birth date to hang proudly on your Christmas tree.

Pet Personalized Mug

An other awesome idea is create a memorable keepsake to capture a winning race such as a Horse or Hound racing, or maybe you have entered your Pet for a Special Show and won. We all know what great effort we put in to get there. So it would be great to create a keepsake to treasure and enjoy for many years to come.

What sort of pets or maybe farm animals you like to capture as memorabilia?

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