Friday, September 30, 2011

Magnetic sets for kids are a great way to improve imagination, motor skills, language…..

What do you offer your kids…to improve the following skills?
  • Motor skills
  • language, vocabulary development
  • imaginative skills
  • manipulative skills
  • co-ordination skills
  • dress up skills
You can improve and challenge your kids to develop the above different ways of play.

Today I am going to talk about Magnetic Sets available in my store that are fabulous in developing these skills.

The following are are great fun, and the kids can let their imagination loose and have an awesome time, making different funny faces.

They come in the these four designs:

C194C195LABLE-改 magnetic funny face farm boy in a tin box puzzlestoys 350magnetic funny face girl tin box puzzles toys dress ups 350 C194C195LABLE-改

These are great for:
encouraging creativity
encouraging freedom of expressing themselves
having lots of fun
one to one activity

A couple of other wooden products that I have in store are these Magnetic Dress Up sets, it is great to see sets for boys as well. 

Magnetic Dress Up set 500 lmagneticdressupboy

They both are;
Ideal for
  • ideal first experience for a child to have a go at dressing up skills
  • great for manipulative skills
  • sorting
  • dressing up skills
  • great pretend play
Great gift idea or a small group activity.

Which one do you like best and why? Check them out here.


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