Wednesday, January 22, 2014

In your child's development puzzles contribute in developing life skills

As we get on in life, one notice that life is a constant puzzle.

  • Each stage of our life is actually a puzzle, a new experience, a new state in our journey, which we somehow go around it in stages and we solve or maybe find the best way to go about it.
  • We need to do things in a logical order.
  • We are continuously learning.


This is what puzzles for young kids are preparing them for, and also other skills along the way such as:

  • recognition skills
  • vocabulary
  • increasing their imaginative skills
  • manipulative skills
  • logic
  • solving problems
In our store you will find from the basic puzzles to interlocking puzzles and also layer puzzles. Each puzzle will teach your child different skills along the way.

Here are some new knob puzzles that have been added in our store, you can see all the selection of puzzles over here

Wooden knob farm animals puzzleWooden Knob puzzleWooden knob transport puzzleWooden knob sea creatures puzzle
Wooden Knob farm puzzleWooden transport knob puzzleWooden Knob numbers puzzleWooden knob ballerina puzzle

More Educational resources in store here

We also offer Gift Voucher, if you wish to give one.


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