Sunday, October 20, 2013

Personalised Christmas Baubles created as Keepsakes to treasure by you or someone Special in your life

Yes that is right we create Personalised Christmas Baubles as Keepsakes to treasure by you or someone Special in your life


Here are some requests that had from customers:

  • Placing a name on bauble.
  • Celebrating baby's birth by placing name & date of birth on bauble or Christening gift.


  • The year of this particular year 2013, people collect baubles for each year.
  • Grandmothers/Mothers start a family tree with a bauble for each member of family with name & year they are born.
  • Great gift idea for teachers or just to say thank you to someone.
  • A special friend. some people use them instead of a Christmas card by requesting a message on the ball.
  • In Memory of a beloved one being parents, siblings, loved ones or pets.
  • Great keepsake.
  • I leave it up to your imagination I am sure you come up with something special.
  • The Australian range are great for Australiana theme lovers & a great gift idea to send overseas or to take with you when you visit someone.
  • Great corporate gift!
  • You can also provide a digital photo attached to an email (being child, parents husband, wife, pets, something, someone, scene-- close to your heart), and I can create an image from that photo on to the bauble or pomander)
  • Finally you can also just have the image in the front and blank at the back.
  • You have a choice of 6 colours as a background or else you can them plain with just image and personal message.
  • Each bauble is made in fine china(ceramic).

All you need to do is choose:

  1. design
  2. colour background
  3. colour ribbon
  4. message if you wish to have one
  5. message from choice offered if you wish to, these being:

Merry Christmas, First Christmas, Greetings from Australia, Baby's first Christmas

  1. personal message
  2. gift boxed or not (these boxes are great storage boxes)

Baubles are:

  • made in fine china (ceramic)
  • approx. size of each bauble is 7.5cm
  • can be individually gift boxed
  • can have a personal message
  • text offered in Lucinda writing as shown above
  • text offered in gold, silver or black colorings

Thank you and please feel free to discuss any requests that you might have.

So what are we waiting lets go shopping


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