Thursday, April 25, 2013

Rocking Chairs and Autism….

Rocking Chairs…how can one say can be related to Autism?

Well of late, I was approached by a local school and the person that contacted me was inquiring about rocking chairs for their school, and as the conversation proceeded, I was curious and asked why they wanted rocking chairs for their school?

You live and learn as they say. They wanted these rocking chairs for a couple of Autistic Kids in their school. Okay, I said to myself, I worked with Autistic kids, and I never came along that ROCKING CHAIRS can be a great Therapy for them. 

Apparently the rocking gives them like stimulation, without having to touch or feel anyone that close……..oh wow!

I was intrigued and I Google searched. Fair enough, I came up with some interesting reading….


Have a read yourself, these are a few that I came along.
Teamson Rocking chair Princess & frog Collection 350

In the meantime please feel free to see our selection of rocking chair in store, because not only would they help in this situation but will also create a magical environment.

Teamson Rocking chair Sunny Safari Collection

I am so very interested if any of you out there share their experiences with us. Have you tried this with Autistic Kids, and did this help your child or those who you care for?


Giraffe rocking chair by TeamsonZebra rocking chair by Teamson

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