Thursday, February 2, 2012

Simple colourful lunch that you will enjoy eating and very healthy for you!

Healthy eating…..?  What is that some may ask, and lets face it we all seem to fall into the trap of eating  food that is not good for us, and less that is good.


Every year in the beginning I start with full intention of eating healthy and I am quite good till my busy season towards the end of the year. When I get so busy  my routine goes all over the place, and I start falling into the trap of having comfort food to keep me going.

Does this happen to you?

Today I thought I share with you one of my simple salad that anyone can make in literary a couple of minutes, and you can use it as a base for other salads which I will share with you in the future.

Basic Salad
  1. mixed green salad
  2. added some baby spinage leaves
  3. 3 gourmet tomatoes cut into quarters or halves
  4. sprinkle of shredded cabbage
Today I decided to add
  1. lentils
  2. small pieces of camembert cheese
  3. drizzled with extra virgin oil and red balsamic vinegar
  4. cracked pepper
The combination of these yummy flavours is exquisite. Gourmet salad in 2 minutes???
I have to say I also find it easier to keep this up in summer, as I love my hot food, in winter I tend to have more homemade soups for lunch than salads.

What healthy eating do you recommend?

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