Monday, October 17, 2011

Where Have I been? You definitely know if you around my studio that Christmas is not that far away!

I have been slack on blogging lately, this is not by choice, but there is only 24hrs in the day……!

With the lead up to Christmas, my work as in producing takes over. I am itchy and dying to come and write a post, but unfortunately my days are full…I have spend all day today packing orders that have just been finished, I thought I would have finished by early afternoon,..but it took me all day to get through them.

I just thought I give you an insight of one of the process that my baubles go through. At the end of last week, Thursday and Friday were spent…cleaning greenware, getting the first stage of the baubles to go in their first firing. Each Bauble goes in a kiln 3 times, then I have to put them together, pack them and set them off to you. So there is quite a fair bit of time involved.

Here you see Baubles and Baubles, one of the boxes, has been painted with the light green for the ones with the light green background.


These have been painted  ready for the earthy red backgrounds.


And these ones which you can hardly see, are the ones for the mauve backgrounds, which they go darker when they are fired.


I do not think you have seen so many Baubles at one go, but I thought I just give you an insight of how busy I get at this time of the year.

For those who are thinking of placing your orders for your Personalized Christmas Baubles, do not leave it any longer. I process my orders first come first served.

Have a look at  some of  my customers requested.

Personalized Christmas Ceramic Baubles - Press on this heading to see the different designs available under different categories

Here you will find all the different designs under different categories, I am sure there is a design for each and every one of you.

Do not leave it too late as Mrs.Claus, this year might have to close shop in November, as she will be in the middle of house and studio shifting.


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