Thursday, April 10, 2014

Lacing & Threading play a major role in kids development!

Lacing & Threading play a major tool in kids development!

 Why is lacing and threading great important tools in child development?

They help your child to develop:

  • great motor skills
  • co-ordination skills
  • concentration skills
  • manipulative skills
Do not give your child an activity that it is way beyond their capability as they end up giving up before they even start.

Learning should be fun!

  • Start from basic activity and follow up as you realize that you might be ready to challenge them with the next level.
  • Look at this 13 month toddler, heavily concentrating to thread the mouse through the wholes of the cheese.
  • This activity maybe lasted 10minutes.
  • This span of time is plenty for a child that age, but I can tell you from experience that every ten minutes you spend with them like this is a learning milestone.
  • Keep doing this activity every so often maybe every couple of days, so it does not get boring, until you think that they have mustered it. Every child learns and develop skills in different way and in their own time, but we all get there.
  • When you think that they have mastered it, then challenge them with a more harder activity.
In store you will find large resources of different activities to master this skill you will find them here


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