Saturday, August 31, 2013

Wooden Layer puzzles to challenge you kids….

Are you after a challenge for your kids? These wooden layers puzzles available in store will do the trick!




Layer Puzzles……






What do Layer Puzzles offer?

These layer puzzles develop:
  • problem solving
  • colour and shape recognition
  • understanding of sequence and logic

Younger children can do each layer separate as a group maybe. Older kids, can be given all the pieces and they can sort out by logic where goes where.
They are great for:
  • Individual play
  • playgroups
  • childcare centers
  • family day care
  • kindergartens

You can view other challenging puzzles over here
You will find from different options, 4 layered to 5 layered.
We offer different educational purposes:
  • evolution
  • learning about our body, which is available for both boys and girls
  • dressing up
  • stories

Girl-layer-puzzle-discoverooboy-layer-puzzle-discoveroo3-little-pigs-layer-puzzleJemima-Layer-Puzzle Frog-layer-puzzleLayer-Chicken-puzzle

Check out all range of puzzles for kids at all different levels here


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