Friday, January 25, 2013

Australian made……love when I make a search and find such wonderful..!

As a creator myself……I appreciate items handmade in Australia…you can have a look here

I also appreciate other people’s creations…have a look at the creations I found on Etsy, just click on the images, it will take you to the Treasury I have created.

I heart Australia, made from vintage guide book  - hand made, all unique Iris Dress - Australian Made Australian made Rouge Pomegranate Perfume
Australian Made 50's Brooch Corsage for your unique and special wedding day. Bridesmaids and Mother of the Bride Sea Anenome - Giclee Fine Art Print Australian Hand Painted Silk Scarf Flower Desert Pea Nuno Felt Silk Australian Merino Wool Hand Dyed Wrap Ruffle Shawl Coral Red Winternest Red Picture Red Haired Cloth Rag Doll, Annabel, Vegan, 15 inches, OOAK, Vintage Upcycled Fabrics, Handmade in Australia Handmade Lampwork Glass Frog Bead.  Silver glass. Fern leaf background.  Australian Made SRA Hand-dyed Australian-made wool socks RED All Over, Eyeglass Chain,Leather Brooch, Mixed Media, Colourful, Australian Made Australian wattle design  - screen printed hemp and organic cotton TEA TOWEL l / dish cloth Home-made soy container candleLarge tote, made to order 

Enjoy…..which one is your favourite?

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