Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Christmas is 39 days away…and you might say where has Mrs Claus disappeared?

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No Mrs Claus has not disappeared of the face of the earth. I am still around, I am just under the pump.

  1. 2 weeks today we will be officially in our new home and my studio.
  2. So guessed it…yes we have been packing, organizing,trades people and panicking trying to finish our new place in time.
  3. No it is not going to be finished completely, but we shall have a roof over our heads.
  4. My studio is almost set up as in shelving, we will making a big shift this weekend with boxes, and hopefully by early next week we will have the our wooden floor in the house finished, so perhaps we can start moving the furniture…….
So yes that is where I have been. On top of that I have been the perfect Mrs Claus, keeping up with all the orders coming in and trying not to disappoint anybody..
So I do miss terribly not being as much active on my Blog, but I am finding it impossible to get here…but don’t  worry I will be back soon!

I am still taking orders for Personalized items but there will an approx. wait of 3 weeks.

Make sure you check my On Line Gift Shop for the great range of gifts, that I always endeavour to spoil you with…
Ho Ho Ho…..


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