Monday, June 14, 2010

Miniature Tea Set

Miniature Tea Set for young and old..........

Quite a few of us are fascinated with Fine China ~~ teapots,cups and saucers.

Since we are kids we play pretend role of pouring Tea from a Teapot into a cup and then offer it to our Dolls. It used to be lots of fun.. and a great social interaction activity.

As we grow older we still enjoy a cup of Tea..and there is nothing better than having a nice brew in a china tea cup...poured from a China Tea Pot. It just feel so special. Personally, there is nothing worse than having a cup of Tea in a plastic cup.

On the market you will find a large variety of designs from modern to vintage. A design that appeals to the individual. Teapots cups and saucers come in all shapes and sizes.

There is also quite a few people who collect Teapots,cups and saucers or Miniature Tea Sets. Doll house Hobbyist look for Miniature Tea Sets for using with their miniature dining table in their doll house. Others use them for various craft projects, I had a jeweler who designed bracelets and used the miniature teapot and saucers as charms on bracelets, and the little trays turned into broaches. It is amazing what one's imagination can do with a "Miniature Tea Set"

Kids are ready to play with a Miniature Tea Set by the age of 8 or perhaps earlier depending on the child.

I have for you quite a few miniature tea sets ~~ selection to choose from in my store have a wonder...they are all in 1:12 scale

Love to hear your if you enjoy a cup of Tea in a china cup?

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